Life at Gut Miami :)

I'm bummed out. Good grief.

Why do people add sugar and marshmallow on chocolate? Seems like a problem with sweetness to me! What do I know, I'm just an international student.

OK here's the thing: as an international student who grew up in China, the legal drinking age depends on how many fucks my parents give. Not many. So mine was about 7 years old.

Like everyone else, I wanted to be like Mike, by copying his earring style. My mom was very concerned, she thought it was bad for me to find a job. Well mom, it was COVID-19 that made finding a job hard, not my ear piercing.

If I were a snail, my couch would be my shell.

The moment that I stopped trusting barber.

Job job job job job job!

High school series.
Didn't like it very much.
Who knows how to love at 16? Neither did I.

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