For years, Atlantans have thought they'd never again be able to find an original (404) area code number. Sounds familiar? Kinda like the 404 error message you see whenever your precious little website cant be found anymore.
So we played off this sentiment and plastered the ATL with "404 Not Found" ads, piquing locals' interest leading up to 404 Day on April 4th.

But then after days of city wide mystery, we switched out our messaging...

...and we let everyone know that 75 original (404) numbers can be found at AT&T's exclusive 404 Day party featuring Jermaine Dupri and Earthgang.

The whole city got in on the fun, the party hit max capacity and perhaps most impressively 75 people were willing to change their lifelong phone numbers to a (404) one thanks to the campaign. 
Art Director: Buchun Jiang, Edu Lunardi
Copywriter: Jared Blinderman, Felipe Molina
CDs: Steph Cajucom, Dennis Kung, Gin Chen, Gio Serrano
Agency: Translation

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